We have given a project at school, we have to submit ERD next week... the project is as followes.....

Software Experts(SE) is a consulting firm that specialises in creating custom software application for clients. When a client approaches SE with a project, the management at SE determine the staffing needs in terms of the number of consultants needed ans required skill sets of the consultants. They then locate available consultant with necessary skils and assign them to the project. One of the consultants is assigned to be the Project Manager. When the project is completed, the project manager eveluates all the other consultants who worked on the project and all the other project consultants eveluate the project manager, A project can be subdivided into multiple projects

1.Consultant information
2.Description of Employee skills
3.Client information
4.Project Information
5.Time spent working on the project
6.Evaluation and score

I have spotted some entities


If you can possible help me with the relationship and help me to normalise the table that would be highly appreciated

Thanx in advance

uh, no. that's your job, we're not here to do your homework for you.

No!!!!! you wont be doing my homework for me, all u have to do is to tell me if the Entities I Have spotted are correct, help me with the relationships, and believe me thats not doing someones homework but assisting DUDE!!!!