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Could anyone tell me... I have a C++ program, source and exe. And I have a txt file that acts as a database. That program reads and operates with that database and is intended to be useable on my one site. Now... what I want to know is... how can I set things up so users visiting site, by running that program, can see same thing that I see when I run the program. I was planning to put both txt and exe on server and call exe them through hyperlink located on site. I'm new to this but I think this is not a solution. I have talked to some people and they said it would be best to integrate the program as part of that site, so no exes aren't used. Only thing that visitors have to do is to browse through the site as they were browsing through database...

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An option could be to change your exe to a web service. Communicating with an executable from a web application and distributed application is not something you normally want to do and super complicates things.


I guess it would be best to write the same program in HTML or PHP as a part of site... Or to organise links in site to be used as menu buttons... I'm not sure which.

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