I am running a network at my home of 4 computers. The other 2 days ago I noticed that I cannot connect to the internet from the laptop that is connected to the network. I can still access the shared files and folders on the network, but I cannot access the internet. Whenever I click on internet explorer it gives me a message that the page cannot be displayed. This also happens when using firefox. I have already checked and reset winsock2 and my tcp/ip. What can I do to restore access to the internet?

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pls check u r proxy settings

What am I looking for with my proxy settings?

I do not have internet explorer using a proxy server. This problem is not limited to IE, it does the same thing with firefox as well. My computer is running very slow, and when i bring up my software for the wireless card it tells me that I am connected to the network but not the internet. I also have all the same problems when I connect directly to the router. I have tried resetting my system and that did not work.

You've left out everything we need to know.
What OS(s)? What hardware?
Post ipconfig.
Router? ISP?
Run a spyware scan.

I'm running windows xp on the laptop. I have a 2wire gateway modem/router that was provided to me through at&t. I ran a virus and spyware scan that did not pull up anything. I will run one again tonight and post results in the morning. I am using AVG Anti-Virus for that. If you know of anything better and preferably free let me know. I am using a linksys wireless card, but also have all of the same problems when I plug directly into the router. The ip config is as follows:

Windows IP Configuration

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media Disconnected
Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection 3
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : gateway.2wire.net
IP Address . . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

If you need any further information please let me know so I can resolve this problem as quickly as possible. I will be checking this several times throughout the day.

Do the other computers show a similar pattern for the IP address (i.e. 192.168.1.???). Is the gateway the same?
In Control Panel/Internet options, what is shown under connections?
Can you ping any web sites?
Try ping www.yahoo.com from a command prompt.

All of the computers on the network show a similar patterin for the IP address. The gateway is the same for all of the computers. Under network connections from control panel I have one for Wireless Connection 3, one for Local Area Connection, and one for 1394 Connection. I'm not sure what the 1394 one is. I cannot ping www.yahoo.com from the command prompt. When I try I get a message saying "ping transmission failed : error code 5." I get the same message when I try to ping the gateway or one of the other IP addresses on the network. Also I ran another scan last night with AVG Anti-Virus Free and it did not pick up any infections. It also scans for spyware. The version of AVG is 8.5

1394 is Firewire, and that's OK.
All the other info sounds good. so this might be a firewall issue. If it's McCaffee, just uninstall it. Any firewall that blocks you without telling you is a piece of crap.

I was running McAfee on the computer. I got a message right before all this happened that said my McAfee subscription was up and that I needed to reinstall it. I thought that was a bit wierd, but I went ahead and tried to reinstall it. After that I think is when all this crap started. I had the shortcuts on my desktop, but whenever I clicked them they would not do anything. I went to the add/remove programs from the control panel and nothing from McAfee showed up. I went and deleted the McAfee folder from off of the c drive myself. other than that I have the windows firewall turned off so that shouldn't be an issue and I don't think the AVG is running a firewall.

Ok... so I figured out my problem. I had previously ran McAfee on this computer. I tried to delete it with the Add/Remove Programs feature from the control panel to get rid of it, but no McAfee software showed up. I then deleted all of the McAfee folders form the computer and the problem still persisted. I found out that even after deleting all of these things through add/remove programs or deleting the folders McAfee still had left some things behind on the computer. There is a McAfee software removal tool that can be obtained through the McAfee website. Once I ran this software and removed all of the McAfee software and restarted my computer all of my problems were fixed! I hope this helps anyone having this same problem.

i wanted to confirm you have some computers that have no problem with internet browsing while the laptop cannot.

yes... that was the problem, but I had solved it.

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