Can anyone help me how to retrieve data from table in the following manner.
In my application I have five button namely First,last,next,previous,and Query.
When I will press the query button, it should show me last data that I had feed to the table. When I press first button it should show first entry that I had entered to the table .likewise for the last button. Now after pressing query button, when I press the previous button it should show me data that I had entered through the table before the last entry. Like wise.
Here I am retrieving data from two tables where we have entry no as a common field between them.
Also each table have unique serial no as break no. field.

And my second query is about the connection pooling.
How the connection pooling is achieved throughout the application.
In my current application, I have nearly 150 servlet where I have to make separate connection for each servlet to work with database.
Is it possible to make connection with database in only login servlet and such connection object can I use in remaining servlet so my application becomes more reliable and speedy.
Please help me on this issue as I am looking the same from long time.
Kindly help me on above issue.
Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

you need to handle that form your application

If your application is developed in forms means,It is very easy to handle......In forms so many pre-defined functions are avaliable to handle all thease things...................