forgive me if i am not up on all the protocol ... THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG ... just NEED an answer to a critical situation even though it is VERY BASIC ... i need to create multiple fields which would access the same information but each field must be able to display the info differently ... SPECIFICALLY ... the same information is the twelve months of the year ... but the "boxes" must be able to display a choice of the info individually ... HOW DO I GO ABOUT CREATING THIS TABLE/FIELDS/RELATIONSHIPS ????? ANY ANSWER WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!!

I'm not completely such what you are trying to accomplish, so any additional information you provide will be helpful. However, it sounds like you are going to need to create one table that lists all of the months. Then, in the other table(s) that refers to the months, you need to create number fields where ever the month is needed to be recorded. The number fields will then be joined to the ID field of the month table. The number fields that refer to the month field are called Foreign Keys because they point to the Primary Key of a different table.

I hope that helps.