Hello everyone!

if someone knows any source code (PHP or whatever) for creating an online dictionary, I would appreciate a lot if he would share it with me.

But this is Database Design section right? :D so,
I want to create an online dictionary service, and lets say I have two files, one for the words in a specific language and the other file for the other language that will be translated. The Files are sorted in the same way (so the line number corresponds to its translation)

lets say
table1 table2
1. America 1.Amerika
2. Whatever 2. (the translation of whatever)
etc etc

you got the idea, but my question is, what about the synonyms, I mean should I create another table? because a word may have many synonyms and they should appear on the translation right?

can anyone help me saying sth about the way the "modern" dictionaries work?

thnx in advance

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My guess is that they rely heavily on link tables. Suppose you have a dutch and american dictionary, they wouldnt be linked by using the same id (as you stated). Instead it would use a third table that links two words (in different languages) together. For synonyms, you can do the same, only this would be a table that links two id's together for the same language.


Thnx for replying but still, Im confused how the linke table would be.

The truth is, I have two files of words in two different languages from a dictionary software. I checked carefully the software folder and I found also this file called link.lk
Do you have any idea with what can I open this file cause I doubt, it is NOT encrypted (since the files with the words were not). I tried with notepad but nothing.

Can someone help me?

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