I am in a car club. We have a LOT of people and even more cars that they own (or have owned):icon_rolleyes:.

I would like to make a database of each members car, year, make, model, body style, date purchased, date sold, member information.

So...... I am stuck :$(why, of course, would I ask here if I was not).

Since each make has a multitude of years associated with it :S, not sure how to make that "normalized" AND each make has a multitude of models, just some not in some years :-/.

Any help would be appreciated as I have over thought this I think (redundant???).:icon_mrgreen:


Here is what I would recommend as a beginning:

Make: ID (PK), Description
Model: ID (PK), Description, Make (FK)
Car Type: ID (PK), Model (FK), Year

Owner: ID (PK), Last Name, First Name
Car: ID (PK), Car Type (FK), Owner (FK)

I looked at this, actually a part of one of my thoughts, and am wondering how I can query using the year, then - depending on whether the car was actually made that year, use a drop down for available makes, then again depending on available years and makes, the model for a listing of those members that have them.

Just not sure yet....