hi guys
i have created a database for a friend which seems to be running ok (for now) my front end im using vb.net . what i need to do is make alterations to the same database which is on my computer ie add fields which i can do then update his database ,my only concern is as i dont have his data i would be afraid of overwriting and he loses his data is there a way if i update his he wont lose data

thank you for your help

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Instead of doing that from another system and trying to synch the changes on target system. Create the changes as a script and apply the same on target system directly.

thanks not quite sure what you mean however the target system isnt available to me im just going to send him the updated front end and database again i would hate myself if i lost his data hmmmmmm

thank you

You need to send a database upgrade script. Your friend must execute that on the target system and then point he application to the database.

ohh ok thanks i will have a look around to see how thats done ,thanks for pointing me in the right direction do u know of any links i can follow to see how its done

thank you again for your assistance

You need to prepare a script for creation of all the new objects and the ALTER statements. Also add all the DML scripts if any into the same script.

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