hi there, my name is brian. i am doing a final year project for school and i need to come up with a school databse using microsoft access. can u al give some ideas as to what should be included in the database. eg. what it should be used for...eg tracking of grades, students id etc....give me some ideas as to what a school might need a database for....

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name, id, records, picture, gpa, class standing, homeroom teacher(if your talking about hs), address, parents phone number, stuff like that. once again, if your talking hs. maybe any sickness or condition teachers should know about.


First idea is to not use microsoft access! Apache Derby or SQLite is much better and free.
Just one example, access doesn't even support EXPLAIN. So: - Why is it going slow? - You probably wasn't following the microsoft rules, and screwed up the design! - I know, but where? - You should already know! - Great help!
- When this happened to me, it was slow because there was some hardware collision around DMA, and the disk have just switched back to PIO. So there was no other way but to prove that there was no specific slow part except disk access by profiling, but that was impossible.

Then what it should contain: Sex, Sexual orientation, isLookingGood, isFreeTonight... Facebook have been started as an university project. But seriously:
Student data, class data (plus special teams, like sport team), class schedule, teacher data, grades, and maybe school rooms and physical schedule. This will help to instantly address collisions on student level, which is very cool. On my school on the first 2 weeks the class schedules were changing, because a teacher had just noticed that he has to be on 3 places at the same time, lol! Then somebody have to constantly go around asking "when can I borrow XY?". These problems could be easily addressed.

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