I've downloaded the HGE from the website.I have setted the compiler as per the help file suggests.I have used the Dev-C++ and Visual C++ to compile the project.It compiles the files successfully,but when .exe file is created it is not showing up.When i doubleclick the exe filethe error message appears.

It says "error opening hge.dll reinstalling application will solve the problem".I've even downloaded the previous version 1.7 the problem still persists.I have found that current version does not have the hgelib.a &hgehelp.a files in it .i unable to find in version 1.8,so i have downloaded 1.7 to configure it for Dev-C++.Also one more question :I've found hge logo in almost every demo,is it automatically embeded in the game demo or can be removed?

I can't even able to sign up to their forums i got error as email address is lready in use etc.
Please let me know how can i overcome these problems.

It seems that you should either copy hge.dll and bass.dll to your system32 folder located in %systemroot%\system32 path or you should put these two DLL files wherever you put your .exe file/files in order to run your application.

Good luck.