I'd like to learn about making an RPG old style like Final Fantasy on NES. But I don't know where to start ! I'm ready to put the effort needed in it, but can someone help me get started ? I don't have problem with the story or thing like that, it is with getting ready to do some development that I need help.

So I think the first question is : Is there a web site where I could read information on what to do, where to stats, which language I have to use. Things like that.

Thanks a lot!

Hi there, I have found a site which you may find useful:


May I recommend you read the section "What Language Do I Use? " - it will help you decide which path to take and thats a good starting point. This is a great site with lots of helpful information hope this helps and good luck !

Hey thanks Maj!
really good info in there. I think I'm gonna do it with C++, as I already have a little basic in this language it will be easier, and its most common to do game in C++. I also learned I need to make a couple of small games in order to be able to make a big one. So I'll start with a "Tetris" kind of game, it is said there I will look at most of the part I will need to know to go through alomost any game. So thanks again, I'm in position to start learning !

Your welcomel, good luck! the only (real) drawback of C++ is it is a difficult language to master. Oh by the way, if you feel this has solved your post marked it as solved - All the best!

Yeah, I think it is not really complicated until you get into "real" stuff. I learned it at school and do a lot of programs easily. But it was always only some text and option to chose, there was no drawing. Maybe it will be the harder part for me as I never get into this "thinking" ... Yeah, that was my idea to mark it as solved, I was only waiting to see if you had something to add. I found a tutorial already on how to do a mini tetris game. With a lot of explanation! Thanks a lot again.