I'm a management major doing some research on educational video games: Just wanted to ask if you have any good sources/references/insights/anything interesting about video games being used in education? especially in the collegiate level.

Things I want to find out are:

>The usual target segment for these games have been children, are there games that are educational that are targeted for a mature/college-level audience?

>How has the educational games market been doing? Do teachers really use it? Would you use it to teach college students?

>Are there any MMO(Massive Multiplayer Online) educational games?

>How about Online Classrooms similar to video games?

>anything interesting/ keep in mind about either or a combination of 3D/MMO/Educational Video Games

Im looking for really good material :) The end project is i'll be doing a sort of 3D MMo educational videogame using the projectwonderland engine, im doing the background of the study.

Thank you so much!

Um, what i think we should do is get a website that will make you look like an avatar but you still will need to go up every level to see if your getting better, and this needs to be educational and fun.

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