Hi there,

I'm currently struggerling to come up with a game concept and need some thoughts or ideas.

1)My criterea are that it can't be a graphicle game so needs to be text based or very light on using images.

2)Must be 2D mainly to conincide with point 1

3)my language of choice is going to ether java or c#(with xna)

I'm looking just to imporove my skills and something to make but the problem is i cant think of anything just gone brain dead. I don't mind doing a remake if someone suggests it. or help with someone elses project if they are allready doing something along these lines.

Thanks in advance

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If it is going to be text based, why would you use XNA? If you want to do something really awesome, try making a game similar to "Dwarf Fortress". It is basically a game which uses ASCII characters to represent objects instead of images. However, it would be quite complex.

PS. Brain-Storm is no longer a politically correct term, due to the offence that it may cause to those with certain brain complications or learning difficulties.

Just letting you know :)

haha yea i did wonder if i should use brain storm or thought shower or mind mapping or what ever its called now.

If i was going to use graphics or add them at a later date i would proberly port the game to xna.

i've heard of dwarf fortress but never played it. is it just a D&D rpg kind of game?

You'd probably be best playing it, as I only saw a friend playing it and had a look on the internet later. But when you run it, don't choose to generate a world. It's good, but it takes ages. Use a pre-made world.

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