Hello , I'm very interested in making a game in flash i've done asp.net for a website and i've made a server and database allready for my game in vb;net but now i really want to make a gam esomething like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKzLS-EeQQM but i can't find a good learning process , can anyone help me with that?
if you can help me , please do it!

As far as books go, I really like the ActionScript 3 Bible. It's a really handy reference to have hanging around.

I'd also suggest reading Adobe's AS3 documentation.

As far as tutorials and blogs go, I have found Bit-101 to have some good info, Emanuele Feronato has loads of tutorials, and 8-Bit Rockethas quite a bit of good info and tutorials as well. I would also recommend checking out the Shootorial (AS3) on Kongregate. It takes you from start to finish on making a simple side-scrolling shooter (like R-Type).

I looked through my mess of bookmarks and found a few more I'd highly recommend.

FlexFighters by Matthew Casperson: This is a vertical scrolling shooter, not unlike 1942. He writes it in Flex so you don't have to have Flash, a text editor and the Flex SDK will work. He takes you through programming the game step by step. For the most part everything is explained in detail.

Flex Tetris by Jakob Jenkov: This is just a simple Tetris clone. This is a fairly simple game. He doens't conduct this so much like a tutorial as much as a basic explanation of the design/goals and code (if I remember right).

Puzzle Game by Eitan Avgil: This is just a simple sliding puzzle game. Like the Tetris clone, it's not so much a tutorial as it is an explanation of the overall design with the code included.

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