Hi, first apologies if I've posted in the wrong forum. I would like to know what are the steps if I want for example to compress a pc game which is originally 13GB to fit in a single 4GB dvd. I've seen many games which are 4GB as compressed files and when extracted return to the full 13Gb but am ignorant of the processes involved here.. any help would be most welcome.

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If you coded the game yourself I suggest looking at ways to streamline your data by using bitvalues instead of whole data primitives (as an example). Also reducing the resolution of your graphics files.

Otherwise If you bught the game just use Winrar or 7Zip or something to compress the files - use maximum compression btw. But there is only so much you can compress certain data thingies...!

Good luck compressing it down to 30% If you do let me know so we can both be millionaires...!



thank Elixir42, I did try with 7Zip but I could never achieve the same compression rates, although I do have some games which was downloaded from torrents with 7zip extension and which when uncompressed became from about 3GB to 10GB

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