Hey everyone, ive got some troubles with my logitech X-530 speakers, sometimes (seamingly random although thinking about it its usually late at night) i get some radio interference, it sounds Russian or something(which makes me guess and i stress guess shortwave which i thought was extinct!!) anyway it does'nt matter wether my p.c is switched on or not. Whenever my speakers are left switched on i get this interference only quietly but its there come 11-12 'o' clock. i cannot find anything on the logitech site so im hoping maybe someone here can help, there's no radio equipment close by the only thing i can say is near 1 of the speakers is the thing for my cordless mouse. So if anyone can help then i'd be well grateful cheers!!!

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... seamingly random although thinking about it its usually late at night... which makes me guess and i stress guess shortwave

That's actually quite possible. Certain frequencies of radio waves are reflected by the Earth's ionosphere, and night-time changes in the ionosphere can cause those waves to be reflected great distances away from their original point of transmission. What happens is that (usually due to poor grounding) speakers and their wiring act lile an antenna, picking up those stray radio signals.

You can try to minimize the interference by readjusting the placement of the speakers or rerouting the wiring a different way, or you could just pull the plug on the speakers when you're not using them.

Many thanks DMR that does seem logical as its a 5.1 setup so the wiring is to every corner of the room although im not sure what you mean by poor grounding, so you think this is the most likely explanation yes? not that it may be to do with the wireless transmitor for mouse-keyboard?

im not sure what you mean by poor grounding

More specifically, I guess I should have said shielding. Speakers themselves are prone to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and as I said before, the wiring can act as antennas which pick up stray signals and dump them into the speaker/amplifier circuitry.
Manufacturers of some higher-end sound systems minimize this interference by building metallic shielding into the speaker cabinets, which blocks the interfence. They also tend to use higher-quality cables which have an inner layer of grounded shielding surrounding the actual signal wires. Unfortunatley, many computer-grade speaker systems don't have such protections buit into them.

not that it may be to do with the wireless transmitor for mouse-keyboard?

That's possible, but I don't think it's as likely as what I described above. However, that should be easy enough to find out: remove the wireless transmitter from the vicinity of the computer and speakers for a few nights and see if you still pick up signal or not.

Hi Jackdog!

Have you found a solution to the problem you described?

I have the same speakers and the same radio interference problem, so a solution would be interesting for me.

thx and ciao,

no not really only followed a few of the suggestions above, good look! if you get any look with this please let us know

I have an Altec-Lansing speaker set that does the same thing. I've tried to altering the wiring method, and I've even tried changing the speaker wire itself. Nothing I do corrects the issue permanently. Most the time, it'll allay the interference for a bit, but it's always there.

Is there a way to improve the shielding on the wires?

Hi there, I'm sorry to say i've long since given up trying to solve our little problem and decided just to accept it as one of life's little mysteries!. So the truth of the matter is i'm no wiser now than i was when i originally posted my query, and i'm just watching out with interest to see if anyone can come up with a feasable solution.

and i'm just watching out with interest to see if anyone can come up with a feasable solution.

Hi i have just had a a set off logiteck x- 530 speakers bout as a present and have the same problem, i have been told that tin foil interupts if u like displaces the radio signals so i just thought of an idea, cut small strips of foil and rap one around each cable this may or may not work pls have a go. i will

Hey i got the same speaker/setup i know this threads kinda old but any1 found any decent solutions to it yet?

i get it realy bad i can't hear my music over the radio interference late at night as i have thin walls

and y wouldn't logitechs best speaker set under like 200 pounds not be shielded??

Well if you are picking up interference are the speakers next to/near any radios/mobile phones?
The amplifiers in the speakers will amplify the signal of any nearby devices because that is what an amplifier is there to do. Moving the speakers as far away as possible from the source of the interference would be the best cause of action to take.

I am having the exact same russion sounding radio interference with my logitec speakers at the exact same time!! I dont know what to do either .. can anyone out ther help pls


i have the same problem. it fascinates me :)

I've found the radio only plays when I LOWER the volume on the speakers. And if I RAISE the volume on the speakers, the volume of the radio goes DOWN. Just my observation. lol

I get the same with my X-530's and as posted above, turning the volume up gets rid of the interference.
Although i find it quite comical now as i get a evangelist radio station seeping through.
As a life long athiest its usually ends my day with a grin or two.
Paise be! ;o)

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