Hi guys! I am currently using c++ and I wanted to start doing basics of a game with oop. And I thought MGT would be good. So, the problem is idk where to start with. I'm planning to use only Land, Creature, Enchantment and, Sorcery cards. so is there any help to find how to start?
-you know hardest part is the beginning-

Maybe because he’s interested in programming and also interested in Magic the Gathering?

When I was in middle school, I was morphing my skills from QBasic to Visual Basic, and I was also honing my touch typing skills, and loved using Mavis Beacon. So I wrote a Mavis Beacon clone in VB.

I also want to mention that rproffitt is not wrong when he pointed you to some existing C++ MTG games on Github. One of the best ways I've learned has been to read existing code, and then start by making small modifications to it, and then eventually bigger and bigger modifications. Eventually, I felt comfortable understanding how all the pieces worked together, and what the limitations of the existing software were, that I could create my own from scratch that is even better than the one I learned off of.

Reading existing code can be a good way to learn IF that code is of good quaility. Tha;s especially true of O.O. because most code written in OO languages does not follow real OO principles.
Reading poor or irelevant code will just give you bad coding habits and hold back your eventual skills development.

How do you find code that's good enough to learn from? That's really hard. For Java it would suggest the Java standard class library as a huge body of verified best practice. Maybe others here can suggest examples of non-trivial verified best practice object oriented C++.

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