hiya people

i got a real problem and i am hoping you guys or girls might be able to help me.

well i am at university at the moment i have an assignment to make a flash game which is basically runs and jumps when you press up and goes faster when you click forward. it is also supposed to have moving objects which are supposed to loop round the page and when they hit my character the character is supposed to do something.... you know all the usual stuff

now this is not asking for help int he sence you are now thinking so hear me out

i have been at university for 3 months and we have had the worst luck in tutors, one has left and the other is just never available. i do need help because i have no idea how to start this or where to get information. i am panicing like crazy i have been given an extention but have no idea what to do or how to start. and my tutor isnt available for the next 3 weeks......(yes i know what you mean wtf type of tutor is he!)

so my question is.....can anyone give me some helpful hints or guidence to how to start off this project. i started flash not long ago but now all the basic tools but that is basically it

<snip> i would like to hear from someone if they have any spare time on their hands...and think they might be able to push me in the right direction. without giving me too much help :p

thank you very much

There are PDF books that you get with the instalation of Flash. You should look that up. You should also cook yourself a nice bigg pot of coffee, and go through all the ActionScript tutorials in flash (press F1).
Then there's:


They are all slitely different sites, but you can find anything you need, I think.

Write me a PM with any specific problem you come across, maybe I can help.

has education really gotten so bad over the last decade that EVERY single "student" has only bad teachers?

Somehow I can't believe that, more likely the teachers are just as good but the students have gotten worse (a phenomenon I observed when I was a senior student, and seems to have gotten worse and worse as time went by).

Maybe if you'd actually paid attention in class you'd have learned something...

If you've gotten an assignment to write a game, your teacher will have taught you (or at least attempted to) everything you need to know, or certainly enough that you should be able to figure the rest out for yourself with the help of your books and the library/internet search engines.

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