Dear Daniweb friends,

I need a well, friendly, and Educating college. I wanna do Art.
For example I have to relate this to World of Warcraft because they inspired me!

Website Link http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/insider/04/images/mage.jpg
(World of Warcraft Main website owned by Blizzard Entertainment)

Do you see how he is casting the Spell? Well, Thats What I wanna do I wanna make the characters for my MMORPG I also wanna do the spells I dont know how you would do spells its like some particles,
I Would want A college close to me in New York, where I can learn and be Theroly taught how to Build, Texture Edit Do the spell casting stuff and learn more! If you can help me please post I would be very thank full for your help Daniweb!

Untill Next post Enjoy your stay at Daniweb.com

Your Friend, Tauren!

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What do you need our help with? Finding a college you can attend? Do a google search for colleges in your area then look at their available curriculum.

Do you want to do the graphics and modelling? Or do you want to do the programming? The spell casting is part of both. The model's animation would perhaps wave the character's hands around, while the programmer would be the one in charge of displaying the particles over the hands and creating the actual magic effect.


Well, I checked google for the last day. You guys are better using that Medi-search engine then me. But, back on topic, I want to do graphics for the game Like the Roads, Characters, House, Dungeons! All the good stuff, if you could give me a place where I can go in the United States anywhere that would be great!

Thank you


FullSail in Florida offers several game design courses. Game programming, graphics designer, musician, its all geared towards game development. Senior project would have you working with a team of ppl from each program to create a game. But, FullSail is a bit expensive, I think around $6k a quarter, and you'd have to be prepared to devote a lot of time. It's not unusual for the students to spend 10 hours a day at school.

There's also CCAD in Ohio; Columbus College of Art Design. I'm not sure what it costs, but I doubt its cheap. And its not easy to get in. I had a friend go there. You'll need a portfolio of work when submitting an application to them. Disney is known for getting several of its animators from there.

There's also a game design college in Washington which is suppose to be one of the best in the world and then Westwood college. I'm not sure what courses and program they offer as far as graphics design, but you might want to check them out.


Ah, FullSail. That's the college I was thinking of. I've read several articles about them, and it's supposed to be a very good college. What Phaelex said about FullSail is true; that is, it's very expensive, and students generally sleep during the few daylight hours that they have; often coding/drawing right through the night.

Furthermore, don't even think about it if you don't have a highschool diploma. They're picky as all high-level colleges are, so be prepared not to get accepted even if you do have the diploma and money.


Umm I am 15 and I spend almost 24 hours doing code. Coding is my life! Cout<< "My life";


Cout<< "My life";

Not to be nitpicky, but you don't really need to capitalize cout, and you kinda forgot a endl, which would be useful since it would actually flush the output buffer so that your string would be visible onscreen.

Sorry. :cheesy:

Somehow I kind of doubt you spend anywhere near 24 hours of coding per day. And it's not nearly as much fun coding when you have to remove memory leaks and other such nasties, which are inevitable when you write a C++ program any larger than a few lines of code.

And you have to really love coding; not just as a fad, but as something you can see your life developing around.


15? Then you have a few years before college starts.

Something else thought I'd mention, FullSail isn't accredited. Oddly, the same day I posted about FullSail I received an application from them in my mail. Note that once you request information from them (no matter how many years ago it was) they love to send you stuff continuously.


FullSail isn't accredited. Oddly, the same day I posted about FullSail I received an application from them in my mail. Note that once you request information from them (no matter how many years ago it was) they love to send you stuff continuously.

Is that what makes a college bad? Seriously, just about any college will keep sending you junk afterwards, whether it's simply an application form, or donation requests, or other stuff. What a college sends you afterwards should be the least of your worries when choosing a place to learn your future profession.


Any company that bombards you with unrequested mail is a company I'm wary of.
Makes me think of spammers...

If you were to follow that logic, there would be quite a number of places you would never visit. Examples include many restaurants (McDonald's, Burger King). I'm not going to stop going to these restaurants just because they send me mail, and likewise with other businesses.

The difference between unrequested mail in your mailbox instead of your email account is because spam costs nothing to send; at least junk mail costs the company a fair bit of money to actually print it and deliver it.


I'm not saying you should avoid FullSail because of that. But for me, I'd rather have a diploma than a certificate of completion after spending $60k. It sort of helps out more when you go for a masters when your bachelor is from an accredited school.

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