hi everyone,

i recently, upload my flash website..it works fine on laptops n pc..but, when i go to view on iphone, windows phone or samsung phone..the result is, i get a blank white page..what can i do about it??can someone help me..apreciate ur kind advise..thanks in advance..

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Not all mobile devices support flash (most don't).

So, what do you think i should do??can javascript give the same result??

You'll need more then javascript. HTML and CSS will give you most of the website, and if you need something interactive in the users browser, then you can use javascript.

HTML5, CSS and Javascript can do most things that flash can. Entire websites based on flash is more of a thing in the past now adays.

Sorry for being sarcastic but under which rock you been living? Both iPhone and Android do not support Flash for last 2 years and Adobe is not doing any development on Flash anymore.

You can either use HTML5 or JavaScript

sarcastism received. I was really clueless about flash..but, thank for the info..i actually convert the flash using google swiffy and it works out on mobile devices..but still its funny looking..but..there you go..one way works..But through more research..nowaday, definately go for html5 and css3 and move to responsive web.. Thank you all.

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