In my application i use adodc to connect with access database and have command button to show a report consisting of datas from that database. I also have command button to add datas in runtime. But in runtime when i call for show report firsttime it show what is in the respective database table, but after adding any new data it shows the previous report without updating it. It seems like report is not refreshing. What should i do to get the latest report everytime? Please help me...... I cant find a way....

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you can make a trick on this.

just unload the form and show it again.

unload frmAdd

then fire the code inside the button responsible for displaying the report.


I have tried to make the recordset keep updating by using code rsname.update. But I am not clear about the recordset refreshing.... give some example. And i also tried unload the form. But it does not seems to work. I would be very greatful if you guies provide any attachment example projects relevent to my problem. Please anybody help meee.......

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