Need help to reinstall Win XP-Home Ed. after I replaced the hard disk. Win 95 loads up fine, but I cannot neither upgrade to Win XP-Home, nor do a fresh install.

At boot time, I get the following 1st message for few seconds:
"Setup is inspecting your computer hardware's configuration:"

then, I get a blank screen, although you can hear the CD_Rom working and spinning. When I decide to pup the Win CD out, the following message appears:
"INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing. Error 3652.

I also tried to start Win XP install from recovery floppy disks (downloaded from After the 1st diskette, the error message I get is:
"file \biosinfo.inf could not be loaded".
The error code is 4107. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.

During HDD replacement I may have unpluhhed and then plugged back a small card (1 in x 2 in) with battery and some chips - it could have been the BIOS chip. However, I can get into the setup at boot time, can chanhe, save settings. They stay as changed. Like I said, I was able to install my old version of Win 95.

FYI, I've tried these processes with HDD unpartitiones and partitioned+formatted, with same unsuccess.

Please help.
Thank you.


hi n welcome to the forums

sounds like you have a faulty set of discs especially if the boot.ini file is missing. also why are you trying to upgrade a 95 o/s to xp? it wont work because of the difference in file systems. xp is more an NT file system rather then a FAT file system. you will first need an upgrade to win 98 if your trying to upgrade a 95 system to xp.

obtain a 98 'startup' disk and try laying your hands on a good copy of xp. get rid of that 95 asap.

Yes I also get this error when I have a corrupt cd rom ... so replace your windows cd and try again.

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