helo guys!

i need some quick help...
now i doing an internship and apparently i need to program a window application for my employer.

at first i didnt think it was so bad because i already learned c++ in my university. But as i got deeper into the project, it was kind of different because in my school, they taught us to deal mostly with console application.

i tried to program it in visual studio and i have read that it is easier to use c#. but i dont know how to configure the action.

i'm still in process to learn c# and any help( link of basic tutorials, how to configure and so on) would be much appreciated because i need to submit it as soon as possible.

i also enclosed one picture of how the programm should look like.

i will response as soon as possible.

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Drawing the screens and adding simple code will be almost the same as c++

Do your code as much as you can, fix any syntax errors it whines of, then you'll probably have finished.

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