HI ALL....all posts n posters in daniweb hv helped a lot alwayz...one more help needed...i want to know about datareports.... now i need my reports to be generated under different conditions...... it should be able to retrtieve da data as well as print if required!
ive tried through many sites and couldnt get sufficient help... ive created a datareport but not made any code or hv no clue of wat has to be done... please help wid da basis.... i hv to generate reports for different conditions and at the earliest!!!
please try to help... thnx a lot in advance!!

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hi... i did refer to the thread u directed me to...but... im really new to datareports so first i want to know hw to configure to my database... is it through data source in the properties of my connection1 ??

thnx a lot for the help rendered!!!

take care!...

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