Please Help me. Please see the attachment. I have created a project and have coding problem. Please help me. it's urgent.

Yeah, And the project is kind of big... so uh, where is the problem?

I am new in VB & I am having problem in Filter ( See Form2). My another problem is my boss want to see all Follow Up Report (Call Report of the Customer; Form6). Generally he want to see current FollowUp but he want when needed he can see each Follow Up Report.
I have given code for this but it show error. Please help. (Form6)

Adodc1.RecordSource = "select * from Table2"
Adodc1.Recordset("FOLLOW_UP_DATE") = DTPicker1.Value
Adodc1.Recordset("CURRENT_FOLLOW_UP") = Text1.Text
Adodc1.Recordset("NEXT_FOLLOW_UP_DATE") = DTPicker2.Value

Adodc1.RecordSource = "select * from Follow_Up"

If Adodc1.Recordset("1st_Follow_Up_Date") = Null Then
Adodc1.Recordset("1st_Follow_Up_Date") = DTPicker1.Value
End If

If Not Adodc1.Recordset("1st_Follow_Up_Date") = "" Then
Adodc1.Recordset("2nd_Follow_Up_Date") = DTPicker1.Value
End If

What is the error? Can you paste it here?