My friend, help me about vb 6.0 excel as a database. i need your xample project finish, have capacity to save in excel when clicking a button vb 6.0 codes... it is my assignment in school my friend, actually im Pablito P. Jacquez from Philippines 2nd year student IT of SurTact Surigao City. The deadline of this project my friend is feb. 7, 2009 8am, but me and all of my classmeet not got finish this assignment and now sir told extend until tommorow 12noon. Hope you help me my friend... unfortunatelly i will send you like this problem because i know you you're expert programmer using vb 6.0... This is my email add my friend <email snipped>. Send me you're little xample finish project in my email add my friend atleast have capacity to save only... Text1.text is Lastname, Text2.text is Firstname and Text3.text is Middlename, at we place into excel database when clicking Button my friend... thank you my friend... GOD BLESS YOU... plz my friend? I hope you sent me my friend, i trusting you my friend... thankzzzzzz

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First off all, how about you not post to really old threads....
secondly, how about you don't post the same thing twice...

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