I am writing an application in Vb6 to take in SMS text messages and store them in a database.

I have 3 timers

The first has an interval of 2 seconds
In this time it checks the SIM card for messages and sorts them into a database and displays the messages on screen. I think that the time to execute the events inside the timer may exceed the time interval of the timer.

There is a log in system in the program. Once a user has logged in it starts the second timer.

The sencond and third timers have an interval of 60 seconds each.
When the second timer reaches 60seconds it starts timer 3. When timer 3 reaches 60 seconds it logs the user out of the system.

This works fine when the application is just started and the first user logs in. It keeps them logged in for 2 minutes and then logs them out. But when the second user logs in, it logs them out after about 20 seconds?

Do you know why this is?

Is it possible to execute events and proceedures after set intervals within one timer. Eg Timer1 has Interval 60 seconds. Is it possible to check for an SMS every 15 seconds within that timer and log off a user when the timer reaches 60 seconds?

Or is it possible to set timers within other timers?

Thanks in adavance

All of the above is possible, just remember that you need to manipulate the enabled and interval properties correctly.

Good Luck