hi daniweb guys
i need to develop a web-based application in vb6. what is the best way to go? And if you don't mind how can i randomly generate passwords in vb6 i.e. like the way they do it in e-mail registration?
thanks guys!

I think it is easy to create web based applications in vb first you need to add a web browser navigator to the form to learn its control just add a form and select web browser template.
It is good to use some more external controls or sources to make it more web based program.Good luck..

To create a Random password , i think it is easy just use random function.You can call a random number.Use a loop and set the number of loop if it is 6 then the password length will be 6.
Then add an integer called psd.
Before going to next , include the current random number in psd.
After the loop finishes you will get a random number password.
Or to make it more add one string psdstring.
In this case before including the number to psd , you can compare the number ,
if the number [psd]is 1 then set psdstring & = psdstring & " a "
elseif psd is 2 then set psdstring =psdstring & " b ".
I think , when the loop finishes then you will get a random password.
In case if you want to store the psdstring and user name then use a database and save the user name and psdstring.

Please , don't forget to include the number like psdstring=psdstring & " a " or when the loop finishes then you will get only one number or word as password.

Try it ....
Best of luck ....

Atched is a sample of the web browser. Click on 'Project - References' to see what is referenced to make the browser work.

As far as your password generator is concerned, what exactly are you planning to do?

Here i created a randomized password program.When you click the button then it will create a password of 7 characters which is randomized.
And you can use that number as a verification password or if you want to use it in user lo-gin then you must store it in a database.

Hi guys,

Firstly, I say thank you for asking such a relevant question.
We are on the same boat...

In my condition, I have an .exe file written in visual basic 6.
I want to put it online, so the users can use it online and my application only need to be installed in one central computer.

How can I put "transform" my offline .exe to make it online?
Is it possible?

Thanks guys

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