guys.i need to start a research based IT project for my final year project.but the thing is still i dont have an idea for a such can some 1 help me by giving a good project idea

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What about an elevator managment system with 3 elevators and 7 floors? Decide which elevator goes where...

Home meal delivery system? Reception, who is out where, menu, etc...

those things are not related to IT ......isnt it.i need some simple and advance idea dude

Did you ever read "The art of computer programming" Volume 1 Fundamental Algorithms by D.E.Knuth?
Read about the MIX assembly language and the elevator system written in it. I don't know what you understand about IT, so if you could explain that to me that would be nice.
Simple and advanced? Oxymoron?

those things are not related to IT ......isnt it.i need some simple and advance idea dude

Not sure how do you decide what is in IT and what is not , just take a real life scenario in which lot of manual work is involved , just write a software to automate most of it .

ok...but....elevator ....IN our campus elevator system is working perfectly.9 floss ,3 elevator ..they are going up n coming down when a person press the ..............??????????????????????? what else

So how do you think an "simple" elevator is working so smootly where you live? Yes, luckily for you, a smart IT person has laid his/her hand on the programming of the thing!

I HAVE an gr8 idea.But dont no can i do this kid of thing....
on non-touch mobile phones(like nikia symbian with 3g camera) i am planing to create a cursor on the phone screen and iam going to move the curser by using my finger.
tha real thing is the 3g camera is identifing my finger and when i move my finger over the camera the mouse pointer is also moving.and when i push my finge down mouse pointer is going to be is thing is posible

If you think that is an IT thing, then go for it.

prob is........can i able to do this kind of thing dude

It depends a great deal on the way the mobile's OS works, what access it grants to the camera etc. Considering the time frame youhave and what's riding on it, i'd steer clear of something that could hit a major issue and fall apart.

Also, what if the camera is on the back of the phone..not all phones have a camera on the front...even fairly recent models : /

For your end of year project, i would recommend something more traditional, depending on what topics you've studied.
If you have covered databasing and UI design, then you'd be much better off sticking to the subjects you've learnt than trying to learn how to interface with new hardware on a new OS.

Like ithelp said, look around for a real world example of people performing tasks that require a lot of manual effort and design a system to automate it:
-Convert a doctor/dentist surgery paper-based reception and appointments system to an automated Windows application with database.
-Develop software that allows waiters to input orders on handheld devices that automatically update the kitchen, throw in some backend logic that works out the optimum order for cooking each item etc.
-Design stock control system for a retail company...this one is really scalable. You can do something as small as a standalone app for an independant trader. Or something as large as a stock tracking/management/distribution system for a large multinational.

Either way, the assessors are looking to see how well you have learned the principle topics you have studied, and to see how you can apply them.

THANX guys,,,but the thing is my project must be mainly based on research based topic related to thats y iam teling that handling a data base is not having any research part....

THANX guys,,,but the thing is my project must be mainly based on research based topic related to thats y iam teling that handling a data base is not having any research part....

If your doing a research project then you are looking in all the wrong places. Your concept for a mobile phone app and the ideas presented here are all based on a development project where you need to develop a deliverable solution.

A research project is essentially "answering a question, with credible material to support your arguments". You need to find some aspect of IT, then do your reading/investigation around that topic.
So taking your mobile phone example, you could look into something like "What impact has mobile communicatin had on.." society/business/education/etc/etc. Or, "How has the growth of the internet impacted.." industry/retail/society/education/etc.

You shouldnt be looking at "What kind of application can i write". You should be thinking "what area of IT can i find a lot of credible information about that i have some interest in". The important words here are 'credible' and 'interest'. You need to find something you want to learn more about. And you need to be sure that you can find enough sources of information. By credible i mean literary/established/recognised sources of data. 'Someone on a forum said this' is a good source of public opinion but not a credible reference for your research ;)

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