I have one big picturebox of the house plan. for the sake of example, assume it is 1600 * 1200 pixels.
And on the most top and left of that house plan (position top 0 and left 0), I have another small picturebox of desk (let's say, 30* 30 pixels).

I want to move that desk to the desired its desired place in the plan (let's say, top 50, left 100).

I have bigPicture_MouseUp, bigPicture_MouseDown, Timer1_Timer.
I am able to click everywhere in bigPicture, except the 30*30 in the top left because that area is covered by the small picture.

I need to get access to every points in bigPicture... but if it is covered by the small picture, I cannot even know how to detect it...

Maybe, I just need to let the program notice, when the point hit something that not in the big picture... but, I'm clueless...

Do you have any hint? thanks

(hint) The small picture box has the same events as the large picture box...

Good Luck

thanks for replying, yup, I replicate the same behavior to the smaller picture and it solved.

Another thing is, when the picture is done, I want to save them as jpeg, what should I do?

I used bigpicture.Picture = bigpicture.Image
and used SavePicture bigPicture.picture, "file location"

but I can only save the plain one.
Should I use paintpicture method, and paint the small pictures one by one into the bigpicture before saving it?
Is it the only way to do it?