can anyone give or suggest system/s for every types/kinds of system that are listed below, i need to propose 6 systems for our thesis.

for LMS (Learning Management System)
for KMS (Knowledge Management System)
for Embedded System
for DMS (Document Management System)
for DSS (Decision Support System)
for Expert System


Sure, which one do you like the best?

I'd go for what interests me personally.

A connection to the topic can make you work powerfully.

Idea generation is dead easy. If you find it hard have a look as some of Edward de Bono's books.

Quickies in the DSS / ES arena:

A tool to help pick anti-virus software.

Diagnose cell phone problems via a web site with adaptive questions

Pick a range of garden plants for a specific garden that are ecologically sound (indigenous, save water, low maintenance, whatever)

Select university course given IQ tests, interest profiles, anticipated demands for skills in next xx years, and interactive session

Match making system to outperform the junk that is flooding the world, i.e. dating system

Decision support, what to do if volcanoes erupt all over the world for several years (stopping plane flights)