I am using vb.net 2010 with access 2007. everything works fine in XP, but when I switched over to windows 7 I did not proper result some queries
here is my query:

Select *  FROM tblname WHERE fordt=#13-12-2010#

It shows result in access as well as as in form.
I get value from form in MM/dd/yyyy format , but when it executes the query it automatically replaces it as system date-time format(dd-mm-yyyy)

Select *  FROM tblname WHERE fordt=#11-12-2010#

In windows 7 when i give date less than 12 e.g
it doesn't show any result in access as wellas as in form even there is record in table.

Please help as I have to submit project today.


Try This
dim d as datetime=now.date
Select * FROM tblname WHERE fordt=format("dd/mm/yy,d)