Does VB6 have any feature that allows it to plot points and maybe lines in a 3 dimensional axis? I tried using the MS Charts component but it only allows up to 2D. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Yes, I think "real" 3D charts are a bit of a problem. I thought that MSChart could do them, but it seems that the "3D" charts it supports don't have 3 axes. They're just normal 2D (X/Y) charts with a pseudo-3D appearance showing a bit of depth to enhance the appearance . You may need to use some third party control.

The "3D" look of charts can be used in vb6 by making use of the excel API and chart modules (2003 versions and up only, Excel 11 -->). The coding behind it is however somewhat involved, I suggest you read up on this before attempting to use it.

Thanks for the idea but I couldn't find any resources regarding that. I instead made use of several line controls and modified their x,y,left and top to make them act like lines. By any chance, is there a 3d graph control in VB 2010? I haven't fully explored it yet. Thanks.

There is not an included 3d control, but there are a few available on the net.:)

As i have already suggested, yuou may need to use some third party control.

Thank you both for the answers.

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