hi i have a program and i need to take some images and add some points lines or something with layer system and i wanna save my picture and layers couse i can delete my lines or points.
so i have some questions for my program thx for read and thx for answers :)

Here are my questions :

First of all Navigating

1-)where can i find mouse position on screen ?

i try to use panel and a pic.box inside of panel and i can navigate just when i click on panel so if i clik on picture box when i move my mouse picturebox also is moving so it's not useful method :yawn:
so i think if i know mouse position on screen i can navigate easyly am i wrong :)
umm move rotate zoom ok i think navigating is finished

Second Layer system

2-)How can i select my objects in the layer

i wanna select my lines for moving rotating deleting or some thing else but now im confused how can i do layer sytem i can save all information about my lines and points. but how can i call back them without overload processor and memory. umm can i use graphic card is there any way to use this?
i think can i use controls with alfa channel ... umm useless it will overload memory...

3-)Is there any better way to layer system?

i have really no idea for alternative way :(

Third Editing

4-)i need magnets for snaping my end or mid points of lines

umm if i draw a line i will save start and end point of this line.
i think i can look my records every time for snapping but its useless... it will lock my processor i think something else i can put some invisible referance controls for every point and i can use this referance controls events. umm i can use this method. but If there is a better idea for this question can he/she share with me :)

5-)i need to draw some perpendicular lines to some lines so i need perpendicular magnet

i think i can use straight line functions and i can calculate 2nd line but i should know my 2nd questions answers :)

:) ou that all i have to ask for now thx again to read and answer my questions

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