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I have found that in certain instances breakpoint just dont cut it for me...let me explain:
The current program I'm working on in Delphi Codegear has some 2 mil lines of code under a button click, not bad coding btw, just a lot of fuctionality. Now, the program somehwere in all this coding generates a value...I dont know where and im not gonna step through all that code and sub functions of sub fuctions to find this problem (or i would rather not)

Ok, so my question is: Is there any way to say put the value into codegear and if the program hits that value it would act as a breakpoint? So is there a way for codegear or delphi to search and stop if a certain variable hits a certain value?

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Breakpoints can be conditional, so that they only break when it has a certain value. In your breakpoint list, double click your breakpoint, then you can use a statement to set the condition.

hmmm...doesn't help all that much but you have tought me something new! Thanks! I always used a statement of ...IF (something) then ss := ss; and would place the breakpoint on ss haha

Here's another trick. You can put the following line in your code, and the debugger will stop there:

asm int 3; end;
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