Hi guys,

I have created an web application which contains one .ashx file ans bunch cs files in the project. It works fine when I compile/build it using Visual Studio 2010 but I want to run my web application without visual studio. I know how to start web server over ISS Express in the command line but, in such case, my ashx file keep showing Configuration Error on the browser.
The ISS Express command line I wrote is: IISExpress /path:"c:\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\myProject\myProject" /port:9090 /clr:v2.0
And following files are located in c:\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\myProject\myProject


index.html is opened in localhost:9090/ but Cont.ashx returns lots Configuration Error.

Am I doing it in right way? If yes, what am I missing? If no, how can I run my web application without VS?

returns lots Configuration Error.

"Lots of" configuration errors doesnt tell us much....

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