Hello , i was making the game "Pong" in VB.net 2010 and i had the code to move the 2 bars but can anyone give me the code to let the picturebox with that "cirkel" simbol in move automaticly and also how to bounce further away when touches the bars ,
If you can help me
please do it!!

I don't have my regular computer with VB at the moment to check this, but to move a picturebox (or any control) you modify the Location property by

PictureBox1.Location = New Point(xvalue,yvalue)

And you can check for collision by comparing the edge x value (left or right as appropriate) of the paddle and ball, then the y coordinates of both. The x and y values are in .Location.X and .Location.Y. You will also need to use the .Size.Width and .Size.Height properties.