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I would like to ask a Free SDK or a Program that generate a Barcode that will base on a User Input and have capability to Print it?

Your help is Highly Appreciated.

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Good Day,

Could you pls help me generating a Barcode with code38 depende on the User input on the text box and generate it on the Picture Box. :)

Your Response is Highly Appreciated.

Thank you

Yup i already did some of this are Question and get to on other link that have Trial versions and some are an answered question. :(

I really need some Help.

Thank you

You didn't look very far. This page is exactly what you asked for. A .net library which supports decoding and generating of barcodes. There's even a demo app using windows forms.

There's also this one that has a library ready to reference in your project

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Good Day,

This is just for my Study Purposes so i dont need to buy. I really just want to create a .exe that will
generate Barcode depende on Userinput like ABC-12-133 and convert into IIIIIIIIIII

Thank you For your response.

Can you please gave me some Codes. :( need it badly

Your Response is Highly Appreciated.

Sorry this isn't a free programming site. It's mostly a site for helping with code problems. What you're asking is something people usually get paid for.

This free barcode generator SDK component supports more than twenty linear and 2D barcode types and the generated barcode images completely compatible with latest barcoding specifications. So it can be scanned and printed by most printers. You can also customize your barcode images based on your needs. Hope it helpful!

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