i need a VB.net application that contains a button named "LIVE" and when i click on this button i want roiters news to appear, who can help me?

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Google "VB.NET tutorial" and after some reading, start coding.

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Google "VB.NET tutorial" and after some reading, start coding.

So simple:
As this is onlne news grabbewr so you can do in this way:
Add a Button (LIVE), add webbrowser,

Codes for Button(LIVE)


you have done.
♣ I don't found roiters, I find the reuters news.

▼ Download Your Application from Here ! (microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express) 

I change the net framework version to 2.0
Change Webbrowser anchor properties.
Add Homepage Button, add Google search engine:
Download Link:
Projecxt File

• Website: dmgalaxy.weebly.com

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