Actually I want to know How We can Create an installer?
I just Create an application in VB.Net (Folder Locker) and want to create installer for it.

• What I Want?

  1. Compressor (As to compress file size)
  2. Want to add my Installer to be placed on the control panel > Add or remove.
  3. And Also, while uninstalling the application, it deletes all the project file and at the end it delete itself.
  4. and let this installer first of all check whether the net framework installed or not,
    If installed then which version, If not then start download the Net Framework from microsoft website.
    (IF Possible, I know If There is no Net Framework then the installer itself will not run)

Can Anybody tell me How can I create This Type Of installer? Please

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I want to create my own installer.
I don't want to create with that serup and deployment.
I am in search of how I Can Make installer? and then When I suceed in this then I will search on How to create new exe file ?

This mean: I have to add the File in the installer and then My installer will Build those files and create the setup.exe file for the user.

I want to Create the same type of installer as smart install maker.
by the way thank you for your good response


what do you mean by your own installer?
you want to add your file to the installer and your installer will make the setup.exe? what do you mean by that?
after you create the installer, it will make a setup.exe and after you setup, you can check at control panel > Add or remove and your apps is already there...


@Hazuan Nazri
Let me elaborate:
Own Installer means: as same as Smart Install maker.
But smart install maker is made on java but I want to create it on the VB.Net
And As to do this I planed that
• 1st of all I should know how to compressed files?
• How to create the executable file from the my Installer.
(smart install maker is exe file and when we add the files in it. and build it create the new exe file on desktop i.e. setup.exe)
• And then I also to know How the application that build get on the control panel > Add or Remove Items.

This is hard, I am trying from 2 months, but still i nt suceed.
If some one can Then Please Help


hi Dude,
its seems hard,
for this you have to play with registry.? Do you?
I don't know solution but this may help you
you can use setup and development feature
I advice you to use Advance installer
Advance installer allows you to build the .Net Application so that this makes easy for all of us...
And also allows you some more things like:
Serial Input.
Having more template.

you can just google/youtube out for this and then decide what you want...

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Thanks for solving my problem

Oops That is possible not in free version.
Then too I search for seril on youtube and i get it easily
yepeee so much thank to You dude.
you really solve my big problem


To use a wizard software like setup master or apply a UI wizard control will make your problem fixed. Wizard Control resembles the installation wizards. It is able to help developers to divide a complicated operating process into various simple procedures which allows users of your application easily operate the application.

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