I want to know that How I can Add the table in VB?
As for wxample we see in IDM: a43a3a52847803516eab225b30abb76f

As You can see here: there were partition in th listbox.
Same I want to create:

I try to use multicolumn: checked = true and also adjust width of it.
but it not's work for me.
I mean it does not show me the result as I want?

I want to add the Details of product in listbox:
same as IDM,
1st column has Product Name:
2nd: File Directory
3rd: size
and etc...

If someone can help me then please

what do you mean by file directory? you said you want to add a table, do you mean database?

I mean Column in the listbox.
as in excel.

1st column: name,
2nd column: email,
3rd column: ip address.
4th.... ... ...

ok, so do you want to add the name, email and ipadress manually or you want to call it from somewhere like database?

Manually :

drag drop a listview into your form design
set listview view to details
Edit Columns

Programmatically :

        Me.Size = New Size(700, 300)
        Dim list As New ListView
        list.Size = New Size(684, 262)
        list.View = View.Details
        list.Columns.Add("File Directory")
        list.Columns.Add(" ip address")

You still want to clarify that How can I add the Entries?
Ya you have shown me that this can be done in this manner but how to add the Different entries on different column?

each row in listview is considered a one single item, in listview a different columns doesn't mean a different items
use subitems


I have done it so...
And etc work...
You show me to create the table list and add the items.
But can you tell me that what I have to do for The other two buttons:?
Delete Entry. (whole Row)
Delete Item (Delete sub item)
Edit Entry.

If you know this then please reply so that I can add the button delete history on my app.