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Q1 : A) Once Buuton (Login) clicked, validate the contents of textbox1 and textbox2 , if textbox1=hct or HCT and textbox2 =it or textbox2=IT then display login sucessfully message and open form main in maximize mode, otherwise display error message,try again and allow user to re-enter user name and password within 1 minute.

this is easy...
1st of all that the timer in your login form. add the lobel (countdown)

login button code:

if textbox1.text = "HCT" and Textbox2.text = "IT" then
   label1.text = "60"
   msgbox("Access Gained",,"")
   msgbox("data don't match to our stored data" & vbnewline & "You can login within 1 min else you can't login for 24 hours", msgboxstyle.critical + msgboxstyle.Okonly, "error")
   label1.text = "60"

Timer Code:

if Label1.text = 0 then
my.setting.expiredate = datestring
label1.text = label1.text - 1
end if

form1.load event

dim i as datestring
if not i = my.setting.expiredate then
'do nothing
msgbox("You havn't insert the code within 1 min. so your section is expire for 24 hours",msgboxstyle.critical,"")
End If

I just add one more thing in the form (setting and expire/access cancelled for 24 hour) as many of my friend were on such situation and thereafter they did this and gained the access...so I place those code with this too

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