I create the application and set the untick/unchecked on "Make single instance application" as if i do then I can not open the multple window...

Now the another thing is what the main thing that is used in the Publishing the application?
if I used only Bin Folder then is it going to work full?
Because When I run the app after install I got the error as setting T not found...

etc.. etc
I don't want my app to get hacked by someone...
I mean the installer/user must not be known by this that this is from visual studio app else he may hack it so Please reply to my question.

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If you are using Visual Studio 2010 or less then I've good news, you need to add a setup project to your solution and there is a setup project wizard to guide you through it. This setup project will deploy your program to the client in an executible. You should google set up and deployment in Visual Studio to find out which type of deployment project suits you.

Now for the bad news if you are using Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 Microsoft in an example of the type of stupidity they have been displaying lately have removed the setup and deployment projects from Visual Studio and now your are expected to use some third party tools - idiots, You've to develop a program for use on their operating system using their technologies but then go and get someone else to handle deployment for you.

Sorry but there the problem on my PC so this all mistaken get placed else all working fine...

Thank you

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