I am using FactoryLink SCADA HMI software and I need to lock the focus on a screen that automatically opens and needs operator to answer before it will close and allow the user to continue on the background screen. If anyone knows where I can find this answer I would appreciate it. I have been all over the internet trying to find the proper forum to no avail. This site has always given me good advice.

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Have you contacted Siemens to see if an option exists? Without having any access to this application only a select few people will be able to help you. (possibly no one)

Are you using an API to integrate the application into your own custom application?


Siemens does not support any longer and yes the API was used to integrate to our own application but this is just to lock the focus on an open window which I am sure someone has already done. If there is a PowerVB script that can be used I am open to that also.


Are you passing a handle to your application using the API, or a whole form?

If it is a form then you can set the form as Modal.

For example see this.

If not, there is a great example here for using a window handle.

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