hi guys , i have a problem with my loading/refresh record in my form.
i have only almost 500 record and take so long before refreshing/display the data. i have a user input form where user enter their record and while saving(direct to the database) and refreshing data i just call only my function getrec ().

pls give me some idea to fix this problem.
pls take a look

Dim ActiveTable As New DataTable
Private Sub frmRef_Userlist_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
End Sub
Private Sub dtBind(ByVal dt As DataTable)
        'slow start here
        bs.DataSource = ActiveTable 'binding
        'slow end here

        bn.BindingSource = bs
        dgv1.DataSource = bs 'listview
        CloseMainCon() 'closing connection

End Sub
private sub getrec
       SqlString = "SELECT " & Tbl_Fields & " FROM " & Tbl_Name & " order by xcode desc"
        ActiveTable = OpenRSTable(SqlString)
end sub


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You can emplement some form of Data Paging to speed the process up.

For exmaple: Query in 100 records at a time then post those out to your control.

If the user starts scrolling the control, and is nearing the bottom - add another 100. Rinse and repeat!


can you provide any code/link. just for my reference.
also even 400 record it is normal to react that kind of slowdown?


even 400 record it is normal to react that kind of slowdown?

From my experience (limited) I have had 700+ records queried in take less than a second. (All codebehind using a data reader/adapter and writing my own fill functions.)

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