Good day.
Ask for help, I want to create a program that would mechanically clicked the coordinates (x = 935, y = 115).
I I click the button and he clicks on these coordinates.
Ask for the source code.
For each row thank you in advance

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Not sure what you want. You click a button and this moves the mouse to the coordiantes? In the form or in thr screen? Or you want to click one button and this triggers another button to get clicked?

Mouse is inactive Coordinates - Coordinates are, under this crooked Neake Buttons ... nan but I can not seem to click because that button is the zobrezene in webbrouzer .. something like google / search ... so i mam mouse to x = 935 y = 115 but I need that the mouse clic ked

crooked Neake Buttons



Either take the time to compose a coherent question or ask someone to help you with the translation. What you are saying makes no sense to me.

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