Hi all,

I have a question about deploying a Visual Basic 2010 Express build application silently on remote computers. When I published the app, an setup.exe file was created in project\bin\Debug folder. Now I would like to install this app to multiple machines (in the same domain). Usually I do the (silent) installations with psexec so no user interference is required.

But in this case when I run something like psexec.exe \remotePC -c /i "\server\project\bin\Debug\setup.exe" an installation window pops up on remotePC asking if "instal/don't install". I've tried all silent switches (that I know of) like "-silent", "-s" "-q", "-quiet", "qb+",...

How can I deploy this app silently on a remote PC?

tnx a lot for any suggestions

With the following prompt that you described - I assume that you are using click once deployment.

Here is an article on MSDN where some one asked a similar question.

yes, I use click once deployment. But I can't seem to build a .vsto solution. The closest I got was to open a project that I've created, "file/new project/setup project" and add this setup project to my solution. With this I've created a .msi installer with which I can install my project (also sillently) BUT it does not look for updates. I've went to project props/publish and set the minimum program version, I've also published like so it checks for updates before program start. If I install program from "published location\setup.exe" the program checks for updates (but I can't deploy it silently) but if I deploy it using the .msi installer, it doesn't check for updates.
What can I do??

The auto update feature provided in the MyProject > Publish section are for ClickOnce deployment. Have a look at this article that shows you how to update the application with an updater.

I don't see anything wrong with Clickonce deployment and I don't like to use a sepparate updater. It is an idea for other projects majbe...Like I said I've made an msi installer via "new project/project installer" and I can install it silently but how the hell I convince it to check for updates??