Please preview image:
I want to create something like this.
Red fonts is just typed using paint. (it's not software or else)
I know how can I know the Size, attribute type and all so but the main quesstion is how can i create tag on windows?
at the bottom. and so when the any folder is click, i will get all the details at the bottom without entering the properties...


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I'd say you need to use the System.IO object to get the DirectoryInfo of any folders and the FileAttributes of any files selected.

Sub DirectorySelected (ByVal DirectoryPath)
Dim SubFolderCount, FileCount as integer
dim LastAccess as Date
Dim di As New DirectoryInfo(DirectoryPath)

FileCount = di.GetFiles().Length
SubFolderCount = di.GetDirectories().Length
LastAccess = di.LastAccessTime

End Sub

sorry, but I want to type those things on there.
You just show me ho to get information ?
I want to type those things thre in the image shown (red fonts)
those text were written by me in paint they are not shown.
So that with my app it will be shown there


sorry that was diffent link.
You are telling me to add the option on right click for explorer (shellextension)
while I just want to add the labels that are available in the bottom of windows in Window 7. and 8


Sorry, you'll need to perform some sort of shell extension work to get into the windows shell.

Yes, the main example with the link I sent was on the Context menu, but I was hoping it would point you in the right direction, once you figure out how to get into the shell, there should be some examples out there showing you how to get into the status bar.


I am not working for my own form,
I just need to create a application that make changes in the windows 7 system file/registry (if related)
Here, I just make the folder look as file (As file include the all labels at that specific location as shown in image)
And whether they had removed or not, fully unknown topic for me...
Can You give me some idea on how can I do it ?

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