I am an M.Tech Computer Science student..as per the syballus we need to do a thesis...can you please suggest some new and innovative topics for doing thesis.
Recently i heard about hybrid app and am interested in that.Is that a good topic to do as a thesis.?

actually i need to know about most relevant and new topic for doing a thesis can you please suggest any.

I am interested to do in biomedical and bio informatics

I am interested to do in biomedical and bio informatics

Looks a great thesis topic to me. Go for it!

thank you i need to know if we are doing on biomedical do we need to design the device..
i want to know more about brain networks

Mapping physical neural networks to computer constructs is PhD level R&D - some of the smartest people on the planet have been working on this problem for years. As I said in another thread, you do it, and then you get a Nobel Prize in Medicine... :-) I think that you should scale back your asperations a bit at this point in your career.

That said, there are plenty of topics in neural network programming that should be of great interest, and useful in the biomedical field, such as some of the recent work in interfacing prosthetic limbs to the human nerve system. They require serious neural network software/hardware in order to properly interpret user muscular inputs and synaptic nerve firings to appropriately animate the prothestic device. They have even recently been able to generate sensory feedback so the user can "feel" things, such as touch, weight, etc.