I'm using InstallShield for deploying projects and I'm new in using it

I need to know how to include some applications and executable files to be installed while installing my application what I mean is that I need to include for example the .NET framework 4.0 so if it does not exist at the client it is installed during the installion of my application as well as the SQL Server Express edition.

Finally as the big picture of what I want to do is like making a setup project that is when installed it installs with it other applications needed by my application like .NET Framework and SQL Server for the database as well as attaching the database to the SQL Server instance. So when the client starts to setup my application when finished it uses the application without the need to setup other application or attaching the database to the SQL Server

prerequisites is thing that is required as a prior condition for installation like if you try to install a game and you do not have a DirectX so the game will not be installed on the basis of the previous example I need to include the DirectX with my game so if I have no DirectX on my machine and trying to install the game it checks if there is no DirectX so it setup it I hope you got me. If you make a setup program using visual studio and installshield and try to install the program on a machine that does not have .NET Framework it will not installed or it will not run, what I need is to include the .NET Framework executable file with my program so while it is being setup it installs the .NET Framework if one is not exist

Read the User Guide. It is explained how to do just that.

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You can't do that. There is no way other people can use your "project" without also having purchased and installed MS Access. If you want an all-in-one application with an embedded database, then you probably should try to use a free, open-source embeddable database (like JavaDB, SQLite, etc... it depends on what language you are using).

You can't do that. There is no way other people can use your "project" without also having purchased and installed MS Access.

I'll be sure to let my clients know that the software they're using is impossible. ;)